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The Beginning In 1977 Pete Greenfield decided to build his own ship. Something special, not just an ordinary ship. He got attracted by the hull of the Spray, the ship Joshua Slocum made his travel around the world as the first man doing this solo in the 1890s. 1978 Simplicity was born. Unfortunately she had to spend almost another ten years tied to the jetty, just as some kind of house boat without letting her free to the elements she was built for. Nevertheless Pete did an extremely perfect job building the hull with ferrocement in perfect finish and the rigg in the way a ship like this has to be rigged. Stranding in Mogàn There is a longer chapter we did not find the story out about yet, but definitely Simplicity had been sold to someone else. In the early 2000s Simplicity was brought to Mogàn on the island of Gran Canaria offshore Morocco by her owner. Unfortunately he never made it to continue his journey and therefore Simplicity had to wait again for years for adventures to come. She lived a more or less lonely life in the marina of Puerto de Mogàn. Some time later she was put out of the water for some minor restauration works by her following owners in Mogàn’s “shipyard”, an uncomfortable and messy place. These “minor restauration works” took ages and after some years had passed by the owners decided to sell her in the state of something in between a jigsaw-puzzle and a boat-kit. A New Life at Last Finally we heard about Simplicity going to be sold and fell in love with this beauty. The story following is the topic of this web site.

About Simplicity