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Easter Sunday, 20th April 2014

Today we finally agreed to buy the ship. We are not aware what kinds of adventures we will be facing, but OK, so let’s go!


8th January 2016

We have decided to move Simplicity’s home to Las Palmas. So today is the day of her first longer trip after being back in the water.

31st January 2015 13:39 UTC

It’s the real truth! After many years over years spending on land waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and months of very hard work Simplicity finally went back into the element she has been designed for - SHE’S BACK IN THE WATER!!! Despite the efforts of local workers in Mogàn!

8th February 2016

Two and a half weeks of hard work in the shipyard and Simplicity is back in her birth. She has a brand new coating of the underwater hull from scratch on, i.e. beginning on the pure ferrocement and up to terribly expensive but costworthy JOTUN Racing Antifouling paint.

25th January 2016

After nearly one year back in the water and still permanently leaking a bit we brought her to Las Palmas shipyard. After craning her out of the water we detected the whole mess when high-pressure cleaning the hull. The work of centuries before was completely in vain as much as the so-called work we had payed for when ordering the hull to be painted with anti-fouling not much more than a year ago in Mogàn. Everythig simpliy fell off or was already gone. So we had to decide to rework the complete underwater hull layer by layer from scratch.